Brent Here for another Travel Tuesday. I’m finally back in Canada after a couple months in the USA and it feels GREAT! I was so excited to start this tour and to travel in a familiar environment. Not to mention, as a proud Canadian, it is such an easy sell taking a group from over seas through the Canadian Rockies.… Enjoy the pics from Jasper National Park. I’m so grateful to be able to stay in hotels that are truly slices of Canadian History. Most of the Fairmont Hotel chain in Western Canada were originally Canadian Pacific Railway hotels and these properties redefined Mountain Luxury.

One of my favourite hotels on the tour is the Jasper Park Lodge.

This resort is your quintessential Canadian Rocky Mountain experience. Complete with elk and other wildlife outside your cabin door, it is so peaceful and different from anywhere else we stay. If you came upon the shores of Lac Beauvert (where the resort sits today) 100 years ago, you’d stumble upon a “Tent City” where guests were treated to luxury tent accommodation. Since the 1920’s there has been a cluster of cabins set along the lake in a village setting what has hosted everyone from the Queen to George Clooney. The other day I rented a kayak and for the afternoon I reflected on the opportunity I’m given to appreciate my own backyard in this incredible country I call home. I missed you Canada!

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