I got another thread for you darlings, it’s Thursday! This week I want to talk about the art of shopping. How do you do it? What are the tips to finding that secret find? What if you sincerely hate the act of it?

1) If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It.

Shop where you like. Experimentation is fun but having key places that you know will have what you’re looking for is essential to making shopping effortless and as seamless as a Rad Hourani tank. Nobody browses anymore (honestly, who has time for that??)

Thursday Threads art of shopping 1
2) Clearance section.

Before even LOOKING at that pony hair coat you know your ass can’t afford, peruse the clearance section. Some of the best pieces I’ve found were stuck in the discount aisle, just waiting to be loved. The sale racks can be intense so show no fear, show no shame.

Thursday Threads art of shopping 2


3) Research.

Lots of stores have Instagrams that update on the hour. A simple swipe, like or scroll could save you hours upon hours trekking dooooooooown Queen West.  You could also find outfit inspirations and with a little digging find likeminded brands that share your aesthetics.



4) Go alone.

I love my friends. They have great style and their closets are the things dreams are made out of BUT I hardly shop with them. Too many opinions can confuse you and deter you from the task at hand. If you’re really in need of a opinion, don’t shy away from the sales associate (that is their job) or snap six million selfies (multi-angle) and hope your BAE is on his lunch break.


Thursday Threads art of shopping 3

5) ‘On the Fence’ means ‘No’.

Re: #1 “honestly, who has time for that?”

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