Four Seasons, One Drive. Traveling From Washington DC to Atlanta.

Last week was FULL on!  I was fortunate enough to spend it training on a brand new touring product for Scenic Tours that is going to be launched this summer! Seasonally I work as a Tour Director and have been bringing groups of Australians and Brits all over North America since 2007. Being part of our expansion into the United States has been an amazing opportunity and for 2014 we are including some new historic destinations in the USA!  So, last week, it was all about making sure we familiarized ourselves with the new hotels and attractions, decided on comfort stops. We relived the history, and most of all found out how to show our guests a good time.

Rhonda, Lisa, Jonathan and I drove from Washington DC to Atlanta and it was so awesome to see first hand the very roots, and beginnings of this amazing country. We saw every season as well. We took a visit into Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and drove along the famous Skyline Drive just as we noticed those clouds can can only mean one thing….SNOW! People from the north east are OVER winter by now, and we got to experience a taste of it as you can see from my photos:

Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia are BOTH absolutely beautiful… (There’s been quite a rivalry between the two cities so emphasis on BOTH – I’m staying neutral). But in all honesty, it would be very difficult to decide which city I like more. Charleston was founded in 1670. The architecture was gorgeous. My photos don’t give justice to these incredible properties that are preserved (some as museums that you can visit while here). Those city homes of early plantation owners are a reminder of a time when Charleston was the richest place in the country… And it may be surprising, but it was rice plantations that made this city so wealthy. Right up until 1927 they still planted rice here but the Natural disasters caused by hurricane storm surges lead to the demise.

Charleston sits on a Peninsula 1 mile wide and 3 miles long. A Horse and Carriage ride is a MUST while here (Classic Carriage works is the best and treats their horses like gold)  but sometimes there is no better way to see a city but to get out on the water. Charleston Harbor Tours provided us with a truly unique perspective and allows you to learn about the history on a relaxing 90 min ride. In Savannah, Georgia my groups will stay at the Mansion on Forsyth Park. Our site inspection at this 18 000 sq foot red brick mansion was very cool. It’s also an art gallery and there is no doubt that my guests are going to feel very special here. It might be difficult to get them to leave!

Our road trip finished in Atlanta with a visit to CNN headquarters and a Studio Tour. I’m a bit of a news junkie so it was pretty impressive. We got to look down onto the newsroom, peak into the actual studio (Brook Baldwin was in there doing her thing!) and then somehow I was volunteered (thanks Rhonda!) to be an anchor and read the prompter to have a first hand experience as an anchorman.

I love the USA and discovering it’s historic trails has really allowed for a new outlook and perspective on things here. I wanted to put up a few pics from my time in Virginia, North/South Carolina and Georgia. Let me tell you, there is something to be said about Southern Hospitality so if you haven’t been already, do yourself a favour and go! The entire tour that I take the group on in April will be from New York City to New Orleans with a cruise out of Florida, so stay tuned!

Now I’m on the Soul Train Cruise! The hippest trip at sea!! Can’t wait to share :)

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