Hey guys Brent here for another Travel Tuesday. I hit up some of the most incredible sites last week and was eager share some of the incredible photos of my journey. The tour I was leading was full of scenic treasures, with one jaw dropping site after another. This was a brand new tour for Scenic Tours, and it was a total success! I’m sure I’ll be bringing more groups here next year.

First stop, Monument Valley which most people recognize from the countless movies that have featured it, and let me tell you its just as insane in real life. The video is at “The Sun’s Eye” and on a tour with Monument Valley Safari. They are incredible and provide an awesome tour on the valley floor.

I can’t help but wonder: of the millions who have visited the Grand Canyon, how many left knowing they just stared into the earth’s history on a massive scale! The rock at the bottom of the canyon is some of the oldest that can be seen by the human eye anywhere! 1.84 billion years old, that is… Moving up the canyon wall we can see the sedimentary layers of rock. One book said its like geology in the nude! Lol It makes sense, because its all visible and not covered by much vegetation. Each layer at one time a sea floor, desert, or river delta: distinct environments. billions of years were necessary to create this making it difficult for us short-lived humans to conceive.


Thanks for traveling with me!


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