Gold Leaf: Luxury Accessories for Green Lovers

Let’s take the dirty hippie out of the high and concentrate on some green luxury. Golden apparel for green buds can come at a cost, but can you really put a price tag on your happy habit?

Hermès Ashtray

Hermès has been a symbol of luxury since 1837, sourcing the highest quality materials with a price tag to match. And although this ashtray does is not associated with marijuana, you’d be the boss that ashes his blunts in a porcelain Hermès ashtray with its signature horse and carriage logo.


Shine Gold Rolling Papers

Blowing smoke at all the competition Shine brings hand rolled luxury to your finger tips by creating a 24k gold rolling paper. Give  your kush the Midas touch with a 12 sheet pack.


4-Strain Cannador® (with nook)

If you have a varietal taste for life, this 100% genuine solid walnut and cherry wood (that’s been sustainably forested!) is the King  of pot humidors. Perfect for the strain conscious connoisseur who likes to keep smaller amounts of herbs separated and fresh, courtesy of glass cups that contain adjustable ventilated lids.


Elite Grinder – 24 Karat Gold Plated with Papers Holder

Busting doesn’t have to look busted thanks to Phoenician engineering and their luxury “herbal” busters. This large size 24 k plated gold grinder will bust up your bud with Patented Diametric Teeth.  The top has a built in ashtray and rolling paper holder, keeping your shit tight.


The Hyrdrabomb

For those of us who are looking for a cleaner smoking experience, (or have nosy neighbours where the candle just ain’t cutting it) a vaporizer might just be for you. The HydrabBomb™ from Vapexhale is designed for MAXIMUM FLOW. The HydraBomb™ features one of the most beautiful percolators in existence (it’s like a crystal grenade) that provides the least amount of restriction and superior flow.


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