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Southwest Sunset Margarita

It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere and this week we are featuring a Southwest Sunset Margarita using Sauza Silver Tequila. Finally warmer patio weather is upon us and we are all eager to enjoy the sun with our favourite people. The perfect spring fling is never complete without a delicious cocktail. A Southwest Sunset Margarita is beautifully simple and will be sure to get your party started.



2 1/4 oz Sauza Silver Tequila

4 1/2 oz Fresh Orange Juice

1 tsp Grenadine

1/2 Lime

1 Blood Orange



Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, combine Sauza Silver Tequila and fresh orange juice; shake well to chill. Strain into your preferred glass of choice and pour in the grenadine gently along the side of the glass allowing it to naturally settle to the bottom of the glass. Squeeze the juice of 1/2 a lime and blood orange to top it off. Add slices of blood orange and lime for presentation.

Serves 1



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