I’m grateful that tradition is very important to my family.

My favourite one is our annual trip to Fundy National Park. As long as my memory serves, my dad has been taking my brothers and I to this protected slice of southern New Brunswick, Canada. Long before I was around my grandfather started the tradition some 50 years ago when my Dad was a kid. If that’s not cool enough, the park happens to be a place that would stir your emotions and senses even without the nostalgic memories that it evokes for us. Named Fundy because it rests on the dramatic cliffs that make up the shoreline along the Bay of Fundy, the first thing you will notice when you step out of the car is the air. The smell off the bay mixed with the Acadian forests is something that can only be experienced first hand and staring into the bay which can be totally shrouded in fog (not today as you can see!) is a hauntingly beautiful thing to experience.

We had perfect weather for our trip this past weekend, and we took advantage of it! Over the years, naturally, we have progressed in our physical abilities and now we seem to challenge ourselves more and more. I remember as a kid playing in the playground on the mini zipline, eating ice-cream in Alma, and the HUGE fields you can see in the photos were where I flew my first kite.

Now things have become slightly more active! The first afternoon we arrived we cycled out to Point Wolf. After climbing the final, (of several) looong hills we enjoyed some well earned beers. After a couple, we sat around outside our chalet and began planning the weekend “events”. What hike have we not done? How much time do we need to Kayak? I came to the conclusion that it’s kinda like the summer Olympics! (plus pizza, beer, fish and chips, and more beer)


The trails in Fundy are diverse and the level of fitness required is varied. This weekend we did the Goose Lake Trail which is a Total 16 kms. The spectacular hike brought us out to a very cool secluded beach at low tide. (By the way, the Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world…)

We had to gain back the calories lost with fish and chips in Alma!



We often allow dogs to participate in our trip to Fundy. That addition began with our family dog as kids. His name was Mannix. My childhood memories always include taking Mannix out by row boat to the tiny island (shown in the pics) in the middle of Bennett Lake. We have unofficially named it “Mannix Island”.

When we’re young we take for granted the little things that make us who we are. Now that we are all in our 30s I know I can speak for my brothers when I say we are blessed to have an annual boys trip that will be carried on for generations to come. I wonder what other family traditions people have that involve traveling?



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