Fuji X-A3 Camera

Fuji X-A3 Camera Review + Contest

As a creative director and graphic designer images are everything.  That’s why I took the new Fuji X-A3 behind the scenes on my latest film production. Enter Below for a chance to win  your own Fuji X-A3 Camera #Fuji4Familes

Coffee is a MUST before the creative juices start flowing.

Brilliant Image Quality

If a picture is worth 1,000 words an edited photo is worth a thousand pictures. For me to do my best creative work I need a high-quality image to start with. The Fuji X-A3 has a 24.2-megapixel image sensor which accurately captures clear images even in low light.

Making colours POP!

Share Instantly

Sometimes on set what’s going on behind the lens is just as important as what’s in front. That’s why I turn to the Fuji X-A3 to snap behind the scenes shots for my clients. Not only can I upload them directly to my phone but I can send them wirelessly to the Instax SHARE printer for one-of-a-kind client takeaways.

Instagram gets a makeover with Fuji X-A3.

Macro Is Huge

When working in fashion texture is so important. Is it wool or silk? The Fuji X-A3 delivers fast focusing so no detail goes uncaptured.

You can almost feel the wool.

Work hard. Play hard.

‘Nuff said.

The “creative family” hard at work.

Check out all behind the scenes snaps below!


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  1. Erin McKay

    I would take a picture of my beautiful dogs out for a walk! Right now I only have my crappy phone camera. They deserve better!

  2. Cathy Love

    A camera captures the moments of our experiences as you have so wonderfully done here with this fun photo shoot. You have given me a sense of what these gorgeous textures actually feel like and their vibrant colours draw me in. If I was the lucky person to win this camera, my first stop would be the Bay of Fundy, there are endless treasures by the seashore to get lost with your camera. Thank-you for the opportunity to enter your contest, love your work Sir!

  3. Tara

    My first picture with the Fuji camera would be of my one-year-old daughter.

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