Hey guys! It’s Thursday!

This week we’re going to be talking about style icons. Every season I choose one person (famous or not) and try to emulate their style. By doing this, you’ll be inspired within your own looks. For example my style icon for summer is Diddy, but primarily, Young Daddy aka Puff Daddy – circa late 90s.

p diddy

By gawking at nearly every google image for ‘young puff daddy’ I was inspired by his all white everything looks. This is refreshing simply because the all black everything look is EVERYWHERE in regards to street style. This will literally make you stand out in a crowd.

p diddy 2

Puffy also knew how to wear sunglasses well – whether in a video, in the club or on the red carpet, rarely did you see him without a pair of aviators. His all white looks inspired me to finally get a pair of white sneakers and now I’m thinking of switching my wayfarers over to a cool aviator. Picking style icons to embody can give you new ideas that you may have never thought about before to add to your closet. Plus it’s just fun. Who would you pick to be your style icon?

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