Brent here for this week’s Travel Tuesday. I ‘ve returned to my hotel room from a visit to Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Seeing how the park is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, I thought I would give a shout out to this remarkable place. In the visitor centre there was  a mug for sale for the anniversary and there was a quote from Frank Lloyd Wright from 1935:

“I’ve been about the world a lot and pretty much over the entire country, but I was totally unprepared for that revelation called the Dakota Bad Lands.”

My Australian group and I were blown away at the incredible landscape formed by erosion. It felt like the bus was on another planet as it rolled along the loop road that lead us to one breathtaking outlook after another.

There are many of the worlds richest fossil beds in the park.  a 20 minute walk on the Fossil Trail gives you a bit of insight on what life may have been like here WAY back when ancient versions of Rhino, horse and sabre tooth cat roamed the land.

The distinct layers in the rock are like time capsules… Each layer is telling the story of a period of time when there was a river bed, volcanic silt, even a beautiful yellow and purple layer that was actually the seafloor of whats known as the Western Interior Seaway; a huge portion of central USA and Canada use to be underwater part of this inland sea. Over time and with weathering a chemical reaction causes these unique colours in the rock to be exposed. Hard to imagine a hotter, wetter, subtropical climate when you are facing a constant dry wind and, as you can see, basically an arid desert.

Mother nature is a powerful thing. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to see the Badlands, a place that seems so lifeless, and uninhabitable yet nature finds a way and adapts. There is an incredible amount of life to be seen…. You just have to look a little closer.

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