Hey guys, it’s Thursday – this week we’re going to be talking about threads. Literally.

The key to men’s fashion is tailoring. Sizing is generic; most men find that they’re smack dab in the middle when it comes to fit. Where woman win this battle is that we can pull off almost anything but men just look awkward if something doesn’t fit right.

Tailoring, especially for men can make a $20 top look like $200. Woman and our body ‘type’ allows for more draping to occur (it’s also part of our style genetic) but a man’s physique is so square that it needs to fitted so that his ‘shape’ can show.

Baggy tshirts = no bueno. Baggy jeans = even bigger no bueno. To remedy this situation, ask for a dart stitch to run down the middle of your back. For jeans, get a proper euro hem and it’ll look like the jeans weren’t even touched in the first place. Nobody let’s their ends drag on the floor anymore.

My favorite tailor is Angels on Yorkville Ave. You can trust a man (his name is Paul) who can turn bootcuts into skinnies.

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