Welcome back to Travel Tuesday, this week I will be travelling the southern way to Nashville Tennessee. Nashville proves that it’s more than just Country Music… not that there’s anything wrong with Country Music.

Music City, as it’s referred to, is a town that allows you to appreciate and understand music in a whole new way. Last week I visited even on a time crunch, in just 1 day you can gain a new outlook on music.

I spent the morning visiting Studio B – originally RCA Records. On a tour you get to experience the sound of 1960’s Nashville. I had goosebumps listening to an Elvis Recording session. His voice fills the studio, the guide turns the lights down low, just like how Elvis did to create a mood during his recording sessions. Chet Atkins, The Everly Brothers and many others recorded timeless songs, right where I was standing.

Anytime of day is great to go to a Honky Tonk bar on Broadway, even though it has every cliche that pops into mind when think of Nashville. You can buy cowboy boots and head next door to listen to struggling (but some talented) artist playing for tips. Downtown you are exposed to all this and your senses can be a bit overwhelmed. I can’t say I’m the biggest Country Music fan, but man after a couple of drinks,  I was feeling it.

I took an afternoon backstage tour of The Grand Ole Opry and if it’s on, go to the show after!  The live radio show started back in 1925 for WSM and it is also one of the longest running broadcasts in the world. It attracts the biggest names in Country. If your given an invitation to become a member of the Opry, then you’ve made it. No matter who you are, I’m told you still drive yourself and park your car like a anyone else when you are playing the Opry that night!

You may have read about the Country Music cruise I was on in January (Read Here) , and that was a real education. Working on the Cruise showed a side of the genre that I wish was more evident in other styles of music. Theres an authenticity and humbleness, Hollywood could use a bit more of too. The idea of family, connection and community is all over Nashville. It’s real and authentic here,  I hope I get back soon….

Brent Dawes

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